Some stuff.

I have not posted in awhile. Partly because some things have been changing, mostly because I have a terrible lazy streak that rears it’s head every, I’d say, 2 months. Okay, less than that. Let’s say 2 weeks.

I got a new job. It’s actually doing what I like doing too. I basically go to work everyday and play around on Adobe Illustrator. So, that’s fun. The other two I work with are pretty fun people also, so it almost feels like I’m not working, even though I am. Perhaps when you like what you do for work, it’s doesn’t feel like…”work?” 

Sometimes, I get irritated at work though. The biggest issue I have come across is that people expect awesomeness to print when they send literal CRAP for artwork. If you want something to be produced as large as 8 feet, I suggest you send me something a little better than a 72 ppi image. Apparently, I’m expected to pull pixels out of thin air to add to peoples’ low-res imagery. But you know, if that is my biggest complaint, I think this job is absolutely work keeping. 🙂 I have never woken up and felt glad to go to work, until now.


Myself and Hubbs got a puppy. A Daschund. We named her Bailey (after my beverage of choice). She is an angel and a demon at the same time. I assume all puppies are that way.  


We are going to NYC for a week for our 3rd year married anniversary. I have never been to the City, but I have dreamt of it for as long as I can remember. Expect several blog posts to follow the trip. I’m going to keep somewhat of a journal while there, and will post the entries when we return. I predict I won’t want to return home afterwards. There’s something about NYC, I don’t know what it is, but I KNOW that I am going to fall completely, head-over-heels in love with it. ❤




Puppy Breath

No one had a better weekend than this girl (a.k.a ME). Promise. Below you will find the reasons why. First off, it all began with Wednesday night.  Let me explain…

As husband was browsing the internet, he stumbled upon some puppies for sale. Some really cute ones. Some really sweet, adorable ones. And there was only one female left. We wanted a female. We had been going back and forth about getting a puppy for months now. For a year, really. So he called the breeder up and told her we wanted the last female. Then, Friday after work, we drove three hours to Georgia to get her. When we saw her, our hearts melted. Here we are on the way to get her…can you tell I was a little excited?






How cute is that face? PRETTY DARN CUTE. She was so good through the whole car ride home. As if the cuteness couldn’t get any greater, look at this…



We named her Bailey (after my favorite drink *wink wink*) JK, people (but not really).

She is our first puppy together. Our first fur baby. Husband has always had his dog, Capone, since I met him. He’s had him since he was 16 years old. And we love him like a son. He’s is, seriously, THE best dog I’ve ever known. And no puppy could ever take his place in our hearts. But Bailey is our first PUPPY TOGETHER. So it’s a new and exciting experience for all three of us, Husband, myself, and Capone 🙂



How sweet are those paws? I can’t handle it.

But adding a new puppy to our family is not the only awesomeness that happened this past weekend. My sister also drove down from North Carolina to run in the Color Me Rad 5K with me! She has participated in quite a few 5K’s, but this was my first….and it was AMAZING. I was so stoked. Who doesn’t want to get all sweaty and hot and out of breath while strangers pelt you with cornstarch and chalk as you run by? (That sounded sarcastic, but for real, I REALLY loved it. We both had so much fun, we’re going to make it an annual tradition for us. I love my sisters so much, this is something we will always look forward too every year now. Something we can always do together!



Here’s our colorful, sweaty, sexy selves. Check those shades. NOICE, eh?

My sister also brought her ADORABLE son with her and we all enjoyed the long time tradition of coloring Easter eggs together. He LOVED it…look at the excitement on his face…



The look of pride in his eyes is priceless. “This is the most beautiful blue egg in the WORLD” Just look at it!”

He is the cutest little boy. Not to mention he is also a baby genius. He’s not even two yet, but he knows ALL where all of his body parts are and what they are called, AND he knows what sounds a dog, cat, bear, horse, sheep, and cow make. Genius.

The finished product.



Not sure why half of them ended up cracked. We’re a clumsy family.

So concludes pretty much the greatest weekend ever. New puppy, color runs, family time, road trips to GA, egg coloring. And this work week is only FOUR days long. Which means a THREE DAY WEEKEND. HALLELUJAH.

Weekend Festivitieeeeeeeeees

I’ve worked in a restaurant for over seven years of my life where I never would get weekends off unless I requested it and it had to be for a reason that my bosses considered important enough to allow me to have the weekend off. Now, I work in an office that is closed every Saturday and Sunday. It was a little strange at first, getting used to not working on weekends, but it didn’t stay “strange” for long. Now I TREASURE these weekends. Husband and I try to make the days last as long as possible and we make every effort to spend some quality time with each other. So, here’s a glimpse of yesterday’s festivities… 🙂


Of course, we all know it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We headed downtown (which is one of my FAVORITE places to go) and planned on getting lunch at an irish pub. WELL. Apparently that was everyone else and their mother’s plan for yesterday too. Every Irish place that we knew of was PACKED, overflowing with drunken people stumbling about with green beer in hand. So we went to Wild Wings instead. Needless to say, we still enjoyed a green beer ourselves.



Afterwards, we headed to King Street and window shopped. Because that is the only kind of shopping normal people can afford to do there. A Kate Spade store recently opened on King (be still my coveting heart) AND an Anthropologie store, which Husband so graciously/reluctantly followed me into and pretended like he was interested in the gorgeous dishware and tea towels I drooled on. 

I love trying new coffee shops. It’s my goal to try EVERY SINGLE ONE in our area before I die. So whenever we go downtown, I always tell Husband that we are going to to a new coffee shop. I always get a froo-froo latte and he always gets a regular cup of brewed coffee. City Lights Coffee’s hazelnut mocha….to die for. I could feel the sugar/caffeine high with every sip. Husband said their brewed coffee left much to be desired. Should have got the froo-froo, I told him. 



We found a bench and sipped our drinks and watched the tourists go by, all dressed in green. Charleston is really beautiful. It gives me this feeling, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like, an excited and relaxed feeling at the same time. Like I’m in an old movie. It’s a feeling I wish I felt every day. 

Here’s from our spot on the bench



When we returned home from Charleston, we spent the rest of the evening just being together. I think that, many times, we don’t stop and appreciate “just being together.” Even if it’s as simple as just being in the same room, listening to music as we work in the office. 

This weekend was so enjoyable, I just wanted to share it. I hope everyone else’s weekend was just as enjoyable! 🙂

Thursday Thoughts


1. Every time I find a couple extra bucks in my purse, I spend them on coffee. Like, immediately. 

2. While at work, I always make lists in my head of everything I need/want to accomplish when I get home from work. However, when I get home from work, I never feel like doing anything that was on my list(s).



This year is already flying by, it’s already March. But it’s okay, it just motivates me even more to make this THE year. The year of getting things accomplished. The year of establishing. The year of traveling and new experiences. It’s going to be incredible! And to kick off the “new” for March, this is my first ever post from my iPhone…lets see if it works. Now, enjoy some instagrams of my beloved pup…





It is finally Friday, thank ya, Jesus! 

I’m sitting in my home office, writing this post. When we moved into this house, I automatically knew that the room that we would use the most would be the living room. How wrong I was. We’ve spent about 80% of our time at home in our little office that Husband and I share. And I love it. This space is mine to work in, at whatever pace I want to work. There’s no pressure here. There’s no one standing over my shoulder watching me work. I can be creative here. I DO WHAT I WANT! And I love working side by side with husband. Even if we don’t talk much, sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone else in the same room. And I like it when we ask each other’s opinions on whatever we are working on. So those are my thoughts on that. Oh, how I love the sound of pencils on paper and clicking of keyboards. 🙂 Image

These narwhals are pretty gnarly too.

Found them here:



Chocolate covered bacon. And other awesome things

I googled chocolate covered bacon and I found this:




I was having a not so great day today………until I found that. I might have to try making it this weekend. Then, I’ll package it in a fancy, white box and tie it with some jute and put a cute little gift tag made of some of that sweet, recycled, rough textured paper. And it will say, “To Jackie. May all your hopes and dreams come true. Love always, Jackie.” Don’t judge me.

Anyway, some days just suck (like today), so to make up for the suckiness, here is some more work done by some talented folks. 




Just these two alone are enough to brighten my mood. I hope they do the same for you 🙂

New Post for a Dusty Blog

Since my last post was some time last spring, I figure it is high time to write a shiny, new post for my dusty, old blog. Here’s some updates on what’s going on:

1. New, updated website-

2. Etsy Shop-

3. Weekly posts for Artsydesignlove (I’m going to try for daily, but I’m not promising, people!)

So that’s that. And to conclude this “back from the dead” post, some fun and grogeous art to feast upon:



Well, hello there Mr. Foxy Fox, aren’t you a stud? By Ty Wilkins, found on




It is true. Coffee is better when it’s hot. 😉 By Matthew Taylor Wilson–LOVE_Print?tag=black-white




This has me enamored with its beauty. By Angelo Franco


That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow. If you miss me too much, check out my Facebook, 🙂