Nursery Tour

We finally have the nursery “finished!” I put that in quotes because I will undoubtedly change my mind and add to/remove from the room, especially since these days, I change my mind A LOT. As any pregnant person would say, it is a roller coaster of a time in one’s life and designing/putting together a nursery for the little one growing inside me has brought me a remarkable amount of peace and joy. It’s become my favorite room in our home. With so many unknowns during pregnancy and child rearing, it’s been nice to have something I can control. That makes me sound like a total weirdo, I know. But I’ve always liked having control over things in my life and if there is anything pregnancy will teach you is that you don’t have control over anything. So it’s been nice having something to have a say in, a.k.a the nursery design 🙂

I feel VERY blessed in that this pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly so far. The toughest part was during the first trimester when I was struggling with some pretty awful all day nausea. But lucky for me, that passed after about week fifteen. I will be thirty weeks tomorrow which I really can’t even believe! Once I started feeling better, the second trimester FLEW by and now I only have ten more weeks to go! Nuts, I tell you. Anyway, enough with boring pregnancy talk, below are some photos of the “finished” nursery…


We painted pretty much every room in Behr’s Silver Drop grey when we moved in the house last spring, and since I wanted to keep this room as an extension of the rest of our home, we decided to not paint it a different color. I also just didn’t feel like painting. 🙂 The big rug is from World Market and I found that faux sheepskin at T.J. Maxx. I’m not sure where the crib is from because it is a hand me down from my nephew. The handmade pink blanket is a gift from my super talented mother. The curtains I’ve had for several years now, I just never hung them in any room. I figured why not use them here. The dope brass circle mobile is from Target and that SWEET vintage rocking horse was found at the flea market for THREE DOLLARS. THREE, people. $3.00. I was VERY excited about that.


This is the side of the room to the right of the crib in the previous photo. The changing table was gifted to us by my mother-in-law and it just so happened to match the crib, so that was cool. The top shelf in the table holds all of Skylar’s cloth diapers and the bottom one holds wipes and disposable diapers. The brass circle mirror is also from my favorite place, Target. Target has it going on with brass stuff.

We don’t have a door on the closet, obvs. And I’m not sure when we will put one on. Maybe never. Who the hell knows. The storage cubes are housing bibs, washcloths, towels, swaddles, blankets, burp cloths, etc…

The little white crate was a gift from my older sister. She made it to hold books and it has handles so we can easily transport it from room to room which is awesome.


This view is from the crib side of the room. Josey made the book ledges because he’s the best. We plan on reading A TON to Skylar so we wanted to get a jump start on her book collection. He also found the glider on clearance at K-Mart. Yay for clearance stuff! The rattan basket and white/wood side table are from Target, of course, as is the brass floor lamp and the ADORABLE unicorn head on the wall. The little dangling garland thing hanging from the right side of the top book ledge is a chain of elephants from World Market. The fur draped on the back of the glider was a gift from my Dad when he went to Peru. I’ve had it for many years and figured Skylar would like how soft it is on her precious baby skin when she arrives. 😉


Here’s a close up of the little shelf above the crib. My Dad actually made this shelf for my grandmother MANY years ago and I was received it when she passed away a few years ago. It not only is a beautiful piece made by my dad, but it reminds me of my grandmother as well since it was originally hers. It’s very special and perfect to hold cute things in this room, like the purple unicorn from Land of Nod. I have a thing for unicorns and my hope is that by sprinkling them throughout the nursery, Skylar will acquire an appreciation of them too! The swaddles are from Spearmint Baby and the blocks and other wooden toy I bought on Amazon.

So that’s pretty much it! Now we just wait until little one makes her debut! I hope she likes this room as much as we do. Josey and I are both excited to rock her in the glider. We’ve been practicing with Bailey, much to her dismay. 🙂


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