Kitchen Remodel: Part 1 (Insert Jurassic Park music)

WE FINALLY REMODELED OUR KITCHEN. GASP! When we bought our house just about three years ago, one of the first thoughts I had was “These counters are so freakin’ ugly.” As well as, “Yay! We bought a house!” But yeah, those counters were awful. They were the laminate kind, which honestly I didn’t really care about. What bothered me about them was that they were this gross puky pink beige color and there were some stains on them that were just not coming off. Ew. Like that one Jimmy Fallon skit on SNL when he’s a girl and always says, “EW!” That’s what our kitchen counters looked like. So we finally decided to change them and redo the whole kitchen while we were at it. AND we did it ALL OURSELVES. For some people this is no big thing, I know there’s plenty of DIY folks that love DIY-ing everything, all the time. And I can appreciate DIY-ing. I like that it saves a crap ton of money. I like the satisfaction of doing it ourselves. I like all that. But let me tell you something about my husband and I. We basically go through several stages of emotion during the DIY process. See below.

Fig. 1- The “Excitement” Stage.
At first we are all like, “Woohoo! We’re doing this! This is awesome! This is saving so much money! This is great! This is going to look so amazing when it;s finished! This will only take a couple weekends!” This stage usually lasts for about 10-15 minutes,

Fig. 2- The “Regret” Stage.

After the excitement wears off in 10-15 minutes, we begin to feel regret for beginning such a huge, tedious task with no experience. Usually this stage is mixed with sadness, anger, disappointment, depression, irritability, hunger, sense of loss…..all of the above. This stage will usually last for the remainder of the project until it is finished.

Fig. 3- The “Second Wave of Excitement (and relief)” Stage.
This is our sense of accomplishment, excitement, and overall relief that the project is finally finished. This stage lasts for quite awhile and resurfaces every time someone says, “Hey! That ____ looks awesome!” And we can then say, “Yeah? We did it OURSELVES.”

So this is how the entire month of August was. Stages 1-3. All month. BUT OUR KITCHEN LOOKS INCREDIBLE. Well, WE think so anyway and I really don’t care if no one else does because they don’t live at my house and cook in my kitchen. I do. So whatev.

Now I need to backtrack and show you the mood board I made prior to starting the project. See below.

IMG_3509(Click on the image to see it larger).

We basically wanted something clean with kind of a homey, cottage feel. But with some modern finishes too. White cabinets, board and battan, trim on cabinets, hardware, new light fixtures, subway tile backsplash, and the most important part….new countertops! And Josey agreed to build the countertops himself out of wood! We were super excited to remodel our kitchen and add some more value to our home. So we got started right away. Below are some photos of our kitchen before.

IMG_0131IMG_0132 IMG_0130It’s not terrible. Just very builder-grade and boring. Well, the counters were pretty terrible. But the rest wasn’t so bad.
We went to Lowe’s one night after work and bought everything we needed to begin the project. We picked out each board to use for the counters, along with the stain and polyurethane, picked out all the tile for the backsplash, all the tools we would need. Everything. Our budget for this project was $1000.

The first thing we started on was painting the cabinets. 6 coats (3 primer, 3 semigloss) of paint later, the cabinets were finally finished. That took about 2 weeks total to do since we both work during the day and only had a limited amount of time to work on it at night. Also, Josey was working on the countertops while I painted. He had to assemble, sand, stain, and apply polyurethane. There are 4 countertops total.

We didn’t have a paint stick so we used one of Josey’s arrows. Ha.

Here’s Bailey being obnoxiously adorable and distracting. She kept bringing me her ball and dropping it in my lap while I

Hey! That’s me painting in my pajamas!

So that was part 1. I’ll post part 2 in a day or two…..or whenever I get to it. We are 97% finished at this point, I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys!



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