It’s been a while

No, I’m not taking about that one Staind song. It really has been A WHILE since I wrote a blog post. Like….two years. I’m currently re-doing this blog. I’m leaning more towards a portfolio/blog/AWESOME blog. If that makes sense. I might post some recent art and design work, and I might post about remodeling our kitchen, and I might post about inspiring stuff, and I might post about future endeavors or traveling. I might post about my adorable dogs. Who knows. But I know one thing, I want to be CONSISTENT. I know. ME? Consistent? PSH. Curse you limited attention span. But for real this time, I’m going to be. One post per week. I’m holding myself to it. And if I don’t post once a week, I have to do something gross, like…drink toilet water or something. Ew, no. Never mind. I will post once a week though. I know this post kind of sucks….like the name of this blog! But stay tuned for better crap to be posted next week. Hopefully by then I will have some content. Just kidding, just kidding, I will!


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