It is finally Friday, thank ya, Jesus! 

I’m sitting in my home office, writing this post. When we moved into this house, I automatically knew that the room that we would use the most would be the living room. How wrong I was. We’ve spent about 80% of our time at home in our little office that Husband and I share. And I love it. This space is mine to work in, at whatever pace I want to work. There’s no pressure here. There’s no one standing over my shoulder watching me work. I can be creative here. I DO WHAT I WANT! And I love working side by side with husband. Even if we don’t talk much, sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone else in the same room. And I like it when we ask each other’s opinions on whatever we are working on. So those are my thoughts on that. Oh, how I love the sound of pencils on paper and clicking of keyboards. 🙂 Image

These narwhals are pretty gnarly too.

Found them here:




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