By yours truly…

By yours truly...

Black Eyed Susan Color Wheel
By Jacqueline Castimore


Chocolate covered bacon. And other awesome things

I googled chocolate covered bacon and I found this:




I was having a not so great day today………until I found that. I might have to try making it this weekend. Then, I’ll package it in a fancy, white box and tie it with some jute and put a cute little gift tag made of some of that sweet, recycled, rough textured paper. And it will say, “To Jackie. May all your hopes and dreams come true. Love always, Jackie.” Don’t judge me.

Anyway, some days just suck (like today), so to make up for the suckiness, here is some more work done by some talented folks. 




Just these two alone are enough to brighten my mood. I hope they do the same for you 🙂

New Post for a Dusty Blog

Since my last post was some time last spring, I figure it is high time to write a shiny, new post for my dusty, old blog. Here’s some updates on what’s going on:

1. New, updated website-

2. Etsy Shop-

3. Weekly posts for Artsydesignlove (I’m going to try for daily, but I’m not promising, people!)

So that’s that. And to conclude this “back from the dead” post, some fun and grogeous art to feast upon:



Well, hello there Mr. Foxy Fox, aren’t you a stud? By Ty Wilkins, found on




It is true. Coffee is better when it’s hot. 😉 By Matthew Taylor Wilson–LOVE_Print?tag=black-white




This has me enamored with its beauty. By Angelo Franco


That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow. If you miss me too much, check out my Facebook, 🙂