Cereal and future design stuff

This morning I woke up at 6:45 to go to Publix and buy a crap-ton of cereal. All Kellogg’s cereals were half off for Saturday and Sunday only, and since my husband practically eats an entire box of cereal every morning, I figured I should stock up while it’s on sale. Why did I get up so freaking early on a Saturday to go buy cereal, you ask? I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE. It made complete sense in my head that I truly needed to get to the store as soon as it opened (at 7 AM) to beat the crazies that were all going to be mobbing Publix and fighting over boxes of cereal. However, there were no crazies mobbing Publix over cereal. There was just me and my cart filled with a million cereals. All by my lonesome. Maybe I’m the only weirdo that would fight people over 50% off Frosted Mini Wheats (I love them things). Either way, my household should be good on breakfast for the next year or so. Or, the next week, since hubbs thinks that one box= one bowl.

ANYWAY, in more artsy related topics (I haven’t written much about art and design, which is dumb because this whole blog is supposed to be about art and design, I must’ve got distracted), I’ve decided to sell some of my work on Etsy.com. It seems like a good idea in my head, but then again we know how those ideas turn out sometimes- like going cereal shopping early to fight the imaginary crazies. I’m not sure what kind of art I’m going to do though. I was thinking paintings and illustrations, then I was thinking of digital illustrations, then I was thinking of stationary designed by yours truly. The great thing about Etsy is that people shop there FOR handmade, one of a kind items. All you do is type in what kind of product you want and a million of that product pops up and you can browse through. I figured this could be a good start to putting my degree to work and actually being able to do something I love and enjoy, and hopefully make some dough in the process. I only have a couple of pieces right now, so I’m going to create a few more, then open up shop. I’m excited!


When life gives you lemons…make a margarita.

Just kidding. Well. Not really. Margaritas can make you feel better when life starts giving you crap. Which is what this post is all about. Not margaritas…about life giving us crap.

When I was little, I thought I was going to live with my mom and dad forever, and the most important days of the year would always be Christmas and my birthday, and I never gave one thought to responsibility, or bills, or work or any of that grown up junk.

Now that I’m old, and I have bills and I have to work and I have to be responsible, my eyes have been opened to the fact that growing up sucks. Well, not completely. I can eat ice cream and drink wine whenever I want. I can even have those things together if I want. So I guess adulthood is not so bad. However, I guess I can’t eat ice cream and drink wine whenever I want because I have to be responsible, and drinking wine before I go to work and eating ice cream all day is not exactly being responsible. I stand corrected.

For awhile Hubbs and I watched the news every morning. I liked it because I’m in the weird mid-twenties age group, where I feel like I want to be a mature woman that enjoys watching the news and reading books in bed at night and drinking tea and having a planner and stuff. But at the same time I also want to still do young-ish things like, not plan anything, and drink energy drinks all day, and spend my money on lots of make-up and shoes and hang out at the mall with my friends like I did when I was 17. Maybe mid twenties is a cross between a man’s mid-life crisis and menopause or something. Idk.

Now I can’t remember why I mentioned the news in the first place. Oh yeah. We watched the news every morning for awhile, like a few months. And all we realized was that it made us hate politics even more than we already do. Now we watch Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet.

I have no idea what any of that had to do with why life gives us crap. But I feel better, so whatev.