When cars die…womp womp womp

No, my car is not officially dead. It just needs a new battery. THANK THA LAWD. So the wonderful hubbs is grabbing one when he gets off work. Unfortunately, I have to work tonight and I have to leave our apartment to get there on time before hubbs gets off work. SO, that means I have to drive his beloved truck to work. >_< I kinda like it but I kinda hate it. Here is why:

1. It’s hubb’s NEW truck and he loves it dearly.

2. I may have a slight case of “always hitting curbs and stuff” when I drive.

3. Truck has a very nice set of rims on it.

Mix those three things together and you can see why I’m a tad bit nervous about taking his truck. The plan? To drive like a sloth and park about 1,000,000 miles away from any seen car in any parking lot.

Anyway, so there’s this evening’s excitement. In other news, I stopped by AC Moore and got some things to begin my “DIY Christmas gift extravaganza!!!!” Hubbs and I decided to go the handmade route for the holidays this year and I have some AMAZING ideas for gifts for the family, I’m pretty excited about them. So hopefully I can get started on them tomorrow to get a head start on everything.

ALSO, last night, hubbs, sister, and I carved pumpkins for halloween! I honestly can’t remember the last time I had carved a pumpkin. I think I was 7. That was a LONG time ago. So it was fun to relive carving-memories with my sister (she lovingly scraped pumpkin guts for me because she is awesome) and hubbs! Mine was a haunted house and his was a ghost. I know, I know. Typical halloween themed jack-o-lanterns. I wanted to do something super great that would make everyone be amazed at my skills. But hey! I hadn’t done anything like carving pumpkin since I was 7, cut me some slack! And anyway, I think our haunted house and ghost came out pretty darn cute. We’ll be more ambitious next year :).

Sorry it’s so dark. I’m a graphic designer, not a photographer. 😛


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