Fall packaging

It’s fall! In honor of probably my favorite season ever, I thought I’d post some AWESOME cider and coffee packaging I came across on the wonderful world of web. None of these designs are mine, I found them all on Pinterest and blogs. Enjoy…


I love this one. Not only is it clean and simple design, but it has the best quote ever from one of the best movies ever. It doesn’t get much better than that! And that tiny apple above the “Gold” adds just the right balance to the whole shebang. This is my kind of packaging. Next!

This one is also clean and simple (Can you tell I really like clean and simple?). But this one has a nice hand-illustrated quality to it that I really like. I’d probably buy this at a store even if it tasted like dog poop, just because the packaging is so cool. Moving on to some coffee…

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Coffee in a carton! What more could you want? I really love the color schemes on these. They look old-fashioned, but modern at the same time, and I think that look is difficult to achieve. So two thumbs up on this one!

So there you have it! Perfect beverages not only for beautiful fall weather, but for beautiful design inspiration too!




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