Babies! And art!

I have the absolute most adorable nephews in the entire world. One nephew is my sister-in-law’s, he is about to turn 3. The other is my older sister’s baby boy not even 6 months yet! He is the greatest gift I could ever imagine (and he’s not even my own child!). I have so much love for a little baby that is not my own, I don’t think I could imagine what it is like to have my own baby. My sister put it beautifully when she said this, “I thought I knew love…then I had a baby.” When the hubbs and I first got married a year ago, heck, when we first started dating about 5 years ago, having kids was the absolute LAST thing on my agenda in life. I had no interest whatsoever in having to be responsible for a tiny child and having to raise it. This sounds selfish. And…it is! I thought, what if I messed up and the kid ends up needing therapy forever or something? These feelings are not the case anymore. Amazing how one little baby can change how you’ve felt so strongly for so many years. 🙂  I almost feel like my “time-to-grow-up” side of my brain has been activated. I look so forward to having a child of my own, and I know hubbs is too. I think he’s been ready for awhile 🙂 I’m excited to have the opportunity to raise a gift from God to the best of my abilities! Haha, hubbs and I even have names picked out. And NO I’m not pregnant. I just read this post and I kinda sounds like we’ve got a bun in the oven already. But alas, this is not the case. Slow down people, I’m not that far ahead of the game.

Okay, enough mushy, gushy, lovey stuff. Now for some nice eye candy to feast on:

I was browsing pinterest and my eye immediately found this illustration. I LOOOOOVE it. I love the colors, I love the imagery, I love whatever that chick is cooking in that pot…I love it all. I want to frame a huge one and hang it in my kitchen. I believe that artist is MoonyKhoa Le. That’s what pinterest said anyway.

So there ya go, a mushy, baby-loving post mixed with some sweet-arse cooking illustration. WoOhOo!


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