When cars die…womp womp womp

No, my car is not officially dead. It just needs a new battery. THANK THA LAWD. So the wonderful hubbs is grabbing one when he gets off work. Unfortunately, I have to work tonight and I have to leave our apartment to get there on time before hubbs gets off work. SO, that means I have to drive his beloved truck to work. >_< I kinda like it but I kinda hate it. Here is why:

1. It’s hubb’s NEW truck and he loves it dearly.

2. I may have a slight case of “always hitting curbs and stuff” when I drive.

3. Truck has a very nice set of rims on it.

Mix those three things together and you can see why I’m a tad bit nervous about taking his truck. The plan? To drive like a sloth and park about 1,000,000 miles away from any seen car in any parking lot.

Anyway, so there’s this evening’s excitement. In other news, I stopped by AC Moore and got some things to begin my “DIY Christmas gift extravaganza!!!!” Hubbs and I decided to go the handmade route for the holidays this year and I have some AMAZING ideas for gifts for the family, I’m pretty excited about them. So hopefully I can get started on them tomorrow to get a head start on everything.

ALSO, last night, hubbs, sister, and I carved pumpkins for halloween! I honestly can’t remember the last time I had carved a pumpkin. I think I was 7. That was a LONG time ago. So it was fun to relive carving-memories with my sister (she lovingly scraped pumpkin guts for me because she is awesome) and hubbs! Mine was a haunted house and his was a ghost. I know, I know. Typical halloween themed jack-o-lanterns. I wanted to do something super great that would make everyone be amazed at my skills. But hey! I hadn’t done anything like carving pumpkin since I was 7, cut me some slack! And anyway, I think our haunted house and ghost came out pretty darn cute. We’ll be more ambitious next year :).

Sorry it’s so dark. I’m a graphic designer, not a photographer. 😛


Fall packaging

It’s fall! In honor of probably my favorite season ever, I thought I’d post some AWESOME cider and coffee packaging I came across on the wonderful world of web. None of these designs are mine, I found them all on Pinterest and blogs. Enjoy…


I love this one. Not only is it clean and simple design, but it has the best quote ever from one of the best movies ever. It doesn’t get much better than that! And that tiny apple above the “Gold” adds just the right balance to the whole shebang. This is my kind of packaging. Next!

This one is also clean and simple (Can you tell I really like clean and simple?). But this one has a nice hand-illustrated quality to it that I really like. I’d probably buy this at a store even if it tasted like dog poop, just because the packaging is so cool. Moving on to some coffee…

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Coffee in a carton! What more could you want? I really love the color schemes on these. They look old-fashioned, but modern at the same time, and I think that look is difficult to achieve. So two thumbs up on this one!

So there you have it! Perfect beverages not only for beautiful fall weather, but for beautiful design inspiration too!



Babies! And art!

I have the absolute most adorable nephews in the entire world. One nephew is my sister-in-law’s, he is about to turn 3. The other is my older sister’s baby boy not even 6 months yet! He is the greatest gift I could ever imagine (and he’s not even my own child!). I have so much love for a little baby that is not my own, I don’t think I could imagine what it is like to have my own baby. My sister put it beautifully when she said this, “I thought I knew love…then I had a baby.” When the hubbs and I first got married a year ago, heck, when we first started dating about 5 years ago, having kids was the absolute LAST thing on my agenda in life. I had no interest whatsoever in having to be responsible for a tiny child and having to raise it. This sounds selfish. And…it is! I thought, what if I messed up and the kid ends up needing therapy forever or something? These feelings are not the case anymore. Amazing how one little baby can change how you’ve felt so strongly for so many years. 🙂  I almost feel like my “time-to-grow-up” side of my brain has been activated. I look so forward to having a child of my own, and I know hubbs is too. I think he’s been ready for awhile 🙂 I’m excited to have the opportunity to raise a gift from God to the best of my abilities! Haha, hubbs and I even have names picked out. And NO I’m not pregnant. I just read this post and I kinda sounds like we’ve got a bun in the oven already. But alas, this is not the case. Slow down people, I’m not that far ahead of the game.

Okay, enough mushy, gushy, lovey stuff. Now for some nice eye candy to feast on:

I was browsing pinterest and my eye immediately found this illustration. I LOOOOOVE it. I love the colors, I love the imagery, I love whatever that chick is cooking in that pot…I love it all. I want to frame a huge one and hang it in my kitchen. I believe that artist is MoonyKhoa Le. That’s what pinterest said anyway.

So there ya go, a mushy, baby-loving post mixed with some sweet-arse cooking illustration. WoOhOo!

Dream Decor Idears

Someday, when hubbs and I are blessed enough to own a home, I would like a library in that home. Yes, yes, I hardly read anything that is not a blog online. But I think if I had a library in my home, I might feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and that would be AWESOME. Here is what my library might look like:

I even like that hideous pug sitting in the room. I’ll take all of it, thanks.