Working Weekend

I say working weekend because I had to work today. Which isn’t anything really new, I usually have to work every Saturday and Sunday. But this week is different, because I am O-F-F tomorrow. Oh yes, one whole Sunday for me and the dreamboat I like to call hubbs. Yessssssssssssss. What to do, what to do…here are plans for glorious Sunday.

-church in the a.m. (we like our church a lot, and hubbs heard there’s a comedian speaking tomorrow. We love laughing, we love our church, it’s the perfect combo).

-Perhaps some yard sale-ing or goodwill hopping. (Nothing beats paying cash for someone’s junk).

-Dinner with the parentals. They always have the best stuff for eats…oh and because we love them of course. I kid, I kid, we do love them and not just for their delish grub.

-After dinner we shall go back home and probably watch some weird shows on Animal Planet about creepy people that hoard animals or crazy diseases you may catch from bug bites.

Sounds like a busy day to me, I should head to bed early. BUT, before I do, here’s some fantabulous art for your viewing pleasure.

Joan Salo pen on canvas

This is pen on canvas. It’s creator is Joan Salo. The colors and pattern are to die for.



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