:D a.k.a intro

This here will be my second attempt at blogging. I’m optimistic that this blog will be far more successful than the previous. But I cut myself some slack on the first one, because at the time I was planning my wedding, completing a college degree, and working a full-time job. Now the only thing I’m currently doing is working a full-time job and trying my hand at house-wifey things, such as housework and cooking and things of that sort.

ANYWAY, I mainly want to document and share things I find that interest me, particularly artsy/designy things. I saw a quote once that said, “The ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh.'” I couldn’t agree more! So here is where I will post beautiful things, magical things, and awesome things that I find inspiring. This will range from art to design to decor to pretty much anything I like, including but not limited to FOOD and other stuff. 🙂 And hopefully those that read my ramblings will find inspiration in them as well.

Please be patient with my elementary bloggy skills. First time wordpress user here, people.

To start off my blogging spree, here is a photo of a room that someday will be in my dream house:

I love the romantic feel of the room (or “space” as the pros say). Everything looks sparkly and dreamy, light and airy. I’m thinking guest room. And whatever is on that wall the bed is against is AWESOME. Gotta love that mix of textures too.

So there you have it. First post to second blog. BYE!

P.S. Found the photo on Pinterest. If you haven’t tried Pinterest, trust me, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.





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