Dreaming of Autumn

I found this on Pinterest. I love Autumn 🙂




Oh Em Gee

So about that whole “I’m gonna blog 4 times a week” thing…I FAILED. Since it’s been well over a week or so since I last posted. I told you I was a crappy blogger person. What have I been doing that has kept me away from blogging duties?

Nothing. I’m just lazy.

And just now I was researching how cheap I can find Disney’s Alice in Wonderland cartoon on Amazon.com when I thought I’d write a quick post. So here it is. Woohoo!!!




Weekend Getaway

The hubs and I took a relaxing weekend together in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, we just got back today, hence the no posts for a few days. We both left our laptops at home so we wouldn’t be distracted from focusing on the gorgeous weather, mountains, and time together.

We took our kayaks to the lake the first day. The water was like glass. Perfection. Saturday, we drove to Chimney Rock Park and hiked 1.5 miles to Hickory Nut Falls and climbed the GINORMOUS stairway to the top of Chimney Rock. The views = unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it. All the huffing and puffing, racing heart rates, and reluctant admittance of how out of shape we are was COMPLETELY worth it. Here’s why:


So that was the best part of our weekend. The rest of the time was spent driving through the winding roads, taking in all the beauty of the scenery, and stopping at cute little shops that are meant to distract tourists such as us.

It was exactly what he and I needed. A quick weekend together to get away from hectic everyday living. It was a time we were able to sit back and relax and just appreciate the serenity of nature and time spent together.



Beautiful Day…

Today was GORGEOUS. I mean GORGEOUS. Blue skies, cool breezes, bright, white, random clouds, tons of sunshine and it felt like 70 degrees. I don’t think it gets more perfect than that.

Oh wait…IT DOES!!!!!!!!

My friend and I may have our first REAL potential client for our design services. EEK!!!!! (excited “eek,” not gross or scared “eek”). One small step for everyone else, one GINORMOUS LEAP for us. I’m stoked. No, beyond stoked. I’m like mega, crazy, ridiculous stoked. We are meeting with our client tomorrow afternoon. AAAAH! Still in shock. This is a huge deal for us. I can now put my college degree to work AND get the opportunity to work with one of the most awesome friends in the universe. And make money at the SAME TIME. It’s like a dream come true.

So here is more awesomeness to wonder at:

I don’t know who painted this, but I’m in love with it. I already have a thing for anything with cute birds on it, but when you combine them with watercolors and flowers…BAM! Magic.

Monday, Monday…so good to me?

Oh yes, gotta love the Mamas and the Papas. MONDAYS. Not the greatest day ever, especially today. I know, I know, but it’s LABOR DAY! That doesn’t mean a dang thing. Because I work in FOOD which means there will be working for me today. And let me tell you, it was not a good day in the wonderful world of food service that is my job.

But alas, in a few short days, the hubbs and I will be on our way to a weekend of serenity in the beautiful mountains, lavishing in nature and all that is called God’s good earth. So, until then, I tell myself, “Buck up, Jackie and deal with it.”

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I was surfing on society6.com and found this:

 Moby Dick by Rachael Shankman

Holy crap. That is all I can say about this piece of wonder. It makes me feel all good inside. The perfect remedy to a terrible day. 🙂

Working Weekend

I say working weekend because I had to work today. Which isn’t anything really new, I usually have to work every Saturday and Sunday. But this week is different, because I am O-F-F tomorrow. Oh yes, one whole Sunday for me and the dreamboat I like to call hubbs. Yessssssssssssss. What to do, what to do…here are plans for glorious Sunday.

-church in the a.m. (we like our church a lot, and hubbs heard there’s a comedian speaking tomorrow. We love laughing, we love our church, it’s the perfect combo).

-Perhaps some yard sale-ing or goodwill hopping. (Nothing beats paying cash for someone’s junk).

-Dinner with the parentals. They always have the best stuff for eats…oh and because we love them of course. I kid, I kid, we do love them and not just for their delish grub.

-After dinner we shall go back home and probably watch some weird shows on Animal Planet about creepy people that hoard animals or crazy diseases you may catch from bug bites.

Sounds like a busy day to me, I should head to bed early. BUT, before I do, here’s some fantabulous art for your viewing pleasure.

Joan Salo pen on canvas

This is pen on canvas. It’s creator is Joan Salo. The colors and pattern are to die for.



Found this on Pinterest awhile back. I shluv it. I don’t know if a poster advetising a state fair could get any better. I love things that are simple, but right to the point. I mean, it’s a corn dog for cryin’ out loud. All the info is there, the visual is there…it’s great. I loooooove the type, I love the type more than I love the corn dog.

Had to share…

In my about section I mentioned that I had vowed to post at least 4 ties a week. Well I do believe this post makes numba 2 in the SAME DAY. I’m on a roll. Or just incredibly bored on my day off.


Tree Rings by Rachael Shankman

Tree Rings by Rachael Shankman

Colors = gorgeous. I would love this framed and put on my living room wall. It’s rustic and nature-y and modern all at the same time. It’s just plain cool and I want to stare at it.


:D a.k.a intro

This here will be my second attempt at blogging. I’m optimistic that this blog will be far more successful than the previous. But I cut myself some slack on the first one, because at the time I was planning my wedding, completing a college degree, and working a full-time job. Now the only thing I’m currently doing is working a full-time job and trying my hand at house-wifey things, such as housework and cooking and things of that sort.

ANYWAY, I mainly want to document and share things I find that interest me, particularly artsy/designy things. I saw a quote once that said, “The ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh.'” I couldn’t agree more! So here is where I will post beautiful things, magical things, and awesome things that I find inspiring. This will range from art to design to decor to pretty much anything I like, including but not limited to FOOD and other stuff. 🙂 And hopefully those that read my ramblings will find inspiration in them as well.

Please be patient with my elementary bloggy skills. First time wordpress user here, people.

To start off my blogging spree, here is a photo of a room that someday will be in my dream house:

I love the romantic feel of the room (or “space” as the pros say). Everything looks sparkly and dreamy, light and airy. I’m thinking guest room. And whatever is on that wall the bed is against is AWESOME. Gotta love that mix of textures too.

So there you have it. First post to second blog. BYE!

P.S. Found the photo on Pinterest. If you haven’t tried Pinterest, trust me, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.