Life with a baby!

Skylar is 8 weeks old today and seems like a completely different baby than she was when we first brought her home from the hospital! We’re starting to get little peeks into her personality and it’s very sweet. She LOVES trying to talk and will make all sorts of coos and sounds now. She smiles a lot and that has helped Josey and I so much with the difficult transition from no baby to, dare I say, a rather needy baby.

I don’t want to say she is high needs, but she sort of is maybe? I don’t know if she really is a high needs baby or if I am adjusting more slowly than I thought I would in caring for an infant. Or perhaps, she is having a more difficult time transitioning from “womb to world.” The first few weeks were pretty rough. With nursing what seemed to be every 30-45 minutes all day and all night, to screaming immediately when we would put her down, it was a tough transition, and still is in some ways. But after about 5 weeks, we noticed that she was slowly becoming okay with sitting by herself for a few minutes at a time and that helped tremendously. I could actually use the bathroom without having to wait for someone else to hold her or listen to her cry!

My parents came to help out when she was born, my dad was here for a week and my mom stayed for three. Just having her here to talk to and keep me company was more helpful than I could imagine. And of course to hold and care for Skylar when I needed some time to eat, etc… It was wonderful seeing my parents with their first granddaughter, sweetest thing ever.

It’s funny how things turned out for us in the realm of baby gadgets too. While I was pregnant, both Josey and I were pretty confident that we would not be filling our home with tons of unnecessary baby items and gadgets. I did NOT want our home being over taken by baby accessories and I didn’t want to spend money on things that we didn’t truly need. Well, within three days of bringing Skylar home, Josey went to Walmart and bought a big ole baby swing! He did pick out the neutral colored one so at least it matches the color scheme in our house 🙂 We were so desperate for anything that she might sit in for even just a few minutes to give all of our arms a break! Since then, we have also purchased a bouncer (girl LOVES being bounced, our legs are on fire all the time!), a tummy time pillow with toys attached, a spinning, singing, ugly plastic mobile for her crib, and Lord knows how many diapers (her cloth ones didn’t fit her until about a week ago!). Just goes to show that it really is the baby’s world and Josey and I are just along for the ride lol!

Skylar is definitely making improvements each week with her fussiness, and we’ve been learning her cries and cues to be able to know exactly what she needs. All in all, everything is getting much easier every week, and we just keep falling more and more in love with her every day. She’s my little side kick and I just adore her, even when she yells at me 🙂

Love her sweet face so much!


She gives me all the heart eyes
Consuming copious amounts of coffee now a days…
Josey and I have both gotten excellent at multitasking!

Skylar’s Birth Story

The last ten months have been an insane whirlwind of excitement, fear, joy, and stress. And the last four weeks have been the most exhausting and yet incredible four weeks I’ve ever had. Who knew how much a tiny baby could flip your entire world upside down? Everyone told me this would happen, and I knew it would, but nothing can prepare anyone for the roller coaster ride that a baby will take you on. I love my daughter SO MUCH. There are not any words to describe it. And the love I have for Josey has found an entire new dimension now that we are parents together. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t had a couple of rough patches here and there (I mean, we are both pretty sleep deprived at the moment), but watching him be a daddy to our baby is such a precious gift in itself. My little family is the greatest blessing and I feel so so grateful, despite the tough days and rough nights. Anyway, there isn’t really any way to start a birth story without it being awkward so I’ll just cut to the chase.

Saturday, July 15th, we woke up with no expectations that Skylar would be born that day. Her due date wasn’t until the next day, the 16th, and as everyone knows, most first time moms go past their due date. So we really weren’t expecting her for another week. Due to  a certain medical condition I’ve dealt with for a few years now, my doctor and I agreed that if Skylar wasn’t born by July 19th, I would be induced on the 20th. Not my ideal plan, as I really wanted to try to have my baby naturally (Josey and I took a Bradley Method class in preparation). So we prayed that Skylar would come before the 20th and attempted to kick start labor on our own. We walked miles, I ate spicy stuff, drank raspberry leaf tea, and….other “methods” (if you know what I mean). Still, no contractions. Well, July 15th, came and we woke up and had breakfast and at around 8:30 AM, I started having some pretty intense contractions. They were bearable but I could tell they were different than some of the Braxton hicks contractions I had felt a few days ago. A few contractions later, I thought they seemed sort of close together so I downloaded an app on my phone and timed them. They were about forty-five seconds long and about four minutes apart. Our Bradley Method instructor said that we would want to head to the hospital when the contractions were lasting a minute long and were four minutes apart consistently for one hour. I timed them for an hour and a half and they stayed consistent at forty-five seconds to a minute long and were anywhere from three to four minutes apart. Because we live about forty-five to fifty minutes from the hospital, I called my doctor just to make sure I was in real labor (not sure why I doubted). Because it was Saturday, my doctor was off and I had to speak to the on-call doctor. She asked me if my water had broke and I told her I wasn’t sure. This is gross, but no one said birth was glamorous, so I apologize if this is TMI. I was leaking some sort of fluid, but I couldn’t tell if it was my water or if I was peeing. You know how you always hear those stories of ladies who think their water broke but it was just pee? Yeah, so I wasn’t sure. On-call doctor told me to go ahead and get to the hospital since we had a bit of a drive and the contractions were so close together. We grabbed our hospital bag and let our pup out one more time before we left. I continued to time the contractions on the way to the hospital. It was about 11:00 AM by the time we got there and were admitted. I thought, good grief if it hurts this bad and they check me and I’m only three or four cm dilated, I’m going to cry. Soon after we were in our labor and delivery room, a nurse came in and checked me in between contractions. I was elated when she told me I was seven cm dilated. THANK GOD. I then thought, “Hey, I can totally do this.” Up until this point, the contractions were pretty painful, but I had been managing them fairly well. Sometimes bouncing on an exercise ball helped, sometimes sitting in a chair helped, sometimes being on all fours helped. I labored for another few hours and the nurse came and checked me again and told me I was at eight and a half cm. I feel bad that I don’t remember the nurses’ names, they were all so encouraging and helpful. Anyway, this was when I started seriously doubting and questioning why in the hell I wanted to have my baby naturally. The contractions progressed from being around two to three minutes apart to being right on top of each other. And they HURT. It basically felt like I had knives being pushed through my uterus. I tried so hard to keep my jaw and hands relaxed through each one (one of the tips we learned in class), but sometimes I just needed to squeeze Josey’s hand as hard as I could. I remembered thinking, “Can they just do a c-section instead? Go ahead and cut this baby out, because holy shit, this SUCKS.” The nurses and doctor told us that when it was time to push, I would feel like I need to poop. Well, whenever they would come and check on me and Josey, they kept asking “Does she need to poop?!” and then Josey would ask, “Do you need to poop yet?!” And I remember getting frustrated because it was hard enough to speak during the contractions that were on top of each other, but now everyone keeps asking if I have to poop and NO, I DO NOT HAVE TO POOP. I then started to feel discouraged that Skylar would never come out because I didn’t “have to poop.” But the pressure I was feeling was so intense, I turned to Josey at some point and told him I couldn’t take the pressure anymore, I need to push her out. I think he went and told one of the nurses (I really don’t know because I was trying so hard to focus on anything but the pain at that point). Before I knew it, all the nurses and the on-call doctor were all set up and ready for me to push. I know everyone says the transition part is the hardest part of labor, but I think it was the pushing that was. The contractions are so painful and while you’re having them, you have to push so hard using muscles you don’t really consciously use. I remember yelling as I pushed because it made me feel better. I pushed for thirty minutes and finally she was out! It was the most amazing relief I’ve ever felt, the feeling of her body leaving mine, it was crazy. She came out crying and was so little. I told Josey, “I can’t believe I just did that.” They placed her on my chest and it was amazing. Her tiny body on mine, all pink and warm. I couldn’t believe that this baby was inside me for nine months and I just gave birth to her. It all felt so surreal. I did have some first degree tears that needed attention so as they stitched me, I watched Josey hold our daughter and watched the nurses clean her up. I couldn’t believe she was finally here and she was ours.

So in short, I labored from 8:30 AM to 5:26 PM. Skylar weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. A fast, natural labor and delivery and a healthy mom and baby were things Josey and I prayed for throughout the entire pregnancy, and God certainly answered our prayers!

Nursery Tour

We finally have the nursery “finished!” I put that in quotes because I will undoubtedly change my mind and add to/remove from the room, especially since these days, I change my mind A LOT. As any pregnant person would say, it is a roller coaster of a time in one’s life and designing/putting together a nursery for the little one growing inside me has brought me a remarkable amount of peace and joy. It’s become my favorite room in our home. With so many unknowns during pregnancy and child rearing, it’s been nice to have something I can control. That makes me sound like a total weirdo, I know. But I’ve always liked having control over things in my life and if there is anything pregnancy will teach you is that you don’t have control over anything. So it’s been nice having something to have a say in, a.k.a the nursery design 🙂

I feel VERY blessed in that this pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly so far. The toughest part was during the first trimester when I was struggling with some pretty awful all day nausea. But lucky for me, that passed after about week fifteen. I will be thirty weeks tomorrow which I really can’t even believe! Once I started feeling better, the second trimester FLEW by and now I only have ten more weeks to go! Nuts, I tell you. Anyway, enough with boring pregnancy talk, below are some photos of the “finished” nursery…


We painted pretty much every room in Behr’s Silver Drop grey when we moved in the house last spring, and since I wanted to keep this room as an extension of the rest of our home, we decided to not paint it a different color. I also just didn’t feel like painting. 🙂 The big rug is from World Market and I found that faux sheepskin at T.J. Maxx. I’m not sure where the crib is from because it is a hand me down from my nephew. The handmade pink blanket is a gift from my super talented mother. The curtains I’ve had for several years now, I just never hung them in any room. I figured why not use them here. The dope brass circle mobile is from Target and that SWEET vintage rocking horse was found at the flea market for THREE DOLLARS. THREE, people. $3.00. I was VERY excited about that.


This is the side of the room to the right of the crib in the previous photo. The changing table was gifted to us by my mother-in-law and it just so happened to match the crib, so that was cool. The top shelf in the table holds all of Skylar’s cloth diapers and the bottom one holds wipes and disposable diapers. The brass circle mirror is also from my favorite place, Target. Target has it going on with brass stuff.

We don’t have a door on the closet, obvs. And I’m not sure when we will put one on. Maybe never. Who the hell knows. The storage cubes are housing bibs, washcloths, towels, swaddles, blankets, burp cloths, etc…

The little white crate was a gift from my older sister. She made it to hold books and it has handles so we can easily transport it from room to room which is awesome.


This view is from the crib side of the room. Josey made the book ledges because he’s the best. We plan on reading A TON to Skylar so we wanted to get a jump start on her book collection. He also found the glider on clearance at K-Mart. Yay for clearance stuff! The rattan basket and white/wood side table are from Target, of course, as is the brass floor lamp and the ADORABLE unicorn head on the wall. The little dangling garland thing hanging from the right side of the top book ledge is a chain of elephants from World Market. The fur draped on the back of the glider was a gift from my Dad when he went to Peru. I’ve had it for many years and figured Skylar would like how soft it is on her precious baby skin when she arrives. 😉


Here’s a close up of the little shelf above the crib. My Dad actually made this shelf for my grandmother MANY years ago and I was received it when she passed away a few years ago. It not only is a beautiful piece made by my dad, but it reminds me of my grandmother as well since it was originally hers. It’s very special and perfect to hold cute things in this room, like the purple unicorn from Land of Nod. I have a thing for unicorns and my hope is that by sprinkling them throughout the nursery, Skylar will acquire an appreciation of them too! The swaddles are from Spearmint Baby and the blocks and other wooden toy I bought on Amazon.

So that’s pretty much it! Now we just wait until little one makes her debut! I hope she likes this room as much as we do. Josey and I are both excited to rock her in the glider. We’ve been practicing with Bailey, much to her dismay. 🙂


I’ve been wanting to sit down and write this post for the past five weeks, but every time I try to do so, I can never find the right words to start the post, let alone finish it. We’ve been through some hefty changes in the past month, all results of our decision to take temporary custody of our seven year old nephew. I will not go into details here as to why this was necessary, but the gist is that he was unsafe and not receiving the proper care that a child has every right to receive. We have felt that this was the right thing to do for awhile now, but as you can imagine, a life changing decision can be difficult to make sometimes, especially when there isn’t a set timeline for said decision. Once we both felt that this was what needed to be done for our nephew’s present and future, and focused on his wellbeing instead of our own, it was a little bit easier to step into such a role. Right now, we both find tremendous comfort in knowing that this is part of a plan and we are being obedient to that plan. Anxiety likes to creep in, but then we remember that even though we don’t know what the big picture is, we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do. Knowing this always brings a sense of peace.

We are unsure of how long he will be in our care. The first week, I could only look at each day, because if I tried to look further into the future, crippling fear and anxiety would take hold. The feelings of overwhelm were almost too much. So we took things one day at a time. After a little over a month, we feel more comfortable looking further ahead into the future. It’s not as scary anymore as the three of us settle into our new “normal.” Our lives feel more scheduled than ever, and sometimes I reminisce about how things used to be and having the freedom to go wherever, whenever we wanted. When that happens, I try to remember that there is a season for everything, and right now, this is our season. The best thing to do is to embrace it, because I know that this time with our nephew is truly a blessing and we don’t know how long this season may be. We have an incredible opportunity right now. We get to show him love every day now. We get to show him that he has choices in his life and there are consequences to every choice, some good, and some bad. We get to see him grow and hope that what he sees from us, he will remember and learn from, despite what his future holds. We have the opportunity to plant seeds in his life, and maybe, one day, he will sow those seeds.

When my mother-in-law and I enrolled him in school, I felt more overwhelmed than I ever had. I wondered, WHY does he have so many early dismissal days, and Teacher Work Days? Who is going to take care of him on those days? Why is after school care so expensive? As a college student myself, I was already struggling with working a full-time job while going to college, how in the world am I going to keep up with his academics, let alone my own? My husband had the same concerns, how can we run the daily operations of our business, try to expand the business, and keep up with this new responsibility of raising a child? All of these thoughts felt so overwhelming, and they still do. But we are doing it. We are adjusting and making changes along the way.

Our nephew seems to be adjusting well and I feel like he is thriving in our care. The dark circles under his eyes have disappeared, he eats three full regular meals a day, his eating habits have improved drastically. He is even willing to try new vegetables, which was a huge improvement in my book. His reading skills seem to be improving. He is pretty good at math! He told us he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. He has a heart of gold. We will continue to foster that, along with slowly teaching him new things, like a having a better work ethic, responsibility, and fostering his imagination. I pray that we can just be the best examples we can possibly be to him and that he will remember that when it comes time for him to move on from our household.

I know my thoughts are scattered here, but I wanted to get this up, for my own personal record of this biggest change we’ve taken on in our lives so far. I have so many more thoughts on this that I need to record, but that will be for another day. ❤


I saw this quote today and decided to make it into a doodle. It really resonated with me, especially now. I think it’s so easy to just go through the motions of every day living….at work, at home, at school. It’s easy for the ordinary stuff we do day-in and day-out feel dull. When I read this, I thought about how even the teeniest, most minuscule tasks should be done with passion and purpose. I think, if I have that attitude, things won’t seem boring, average, or sometimes discouraging.  I really think this quote could be applied to all areas of life….so I’m gonna try it!

Kitchen Part II and Reveal!

I know I spaced these posts out a little farther than I wanted to, but I have a good reason! Online college classes are about four bajillion times more work than just sitting my a** in a class and having to listen to lectures and dumb people’s questions. SO basically, classes have been, and probably will be, the majority of my life and time until Christmas break. Womp, womp. Anyway, about the kitchen….

Phase two of our renovation occurred after we finally finished painting all the cabinets, installing hardware onto the cabinet doors and drawers, and Josey finished building, staining, and poly-ing (is that a word?) the wood countertops. The next steps were painting the walls, installing the board and batten, installing the lights, installing the counters, and tiling the backsplash. Ugh, lots of crap to do. Which took several weeks. See below for painting/installing trim and stuff.


Here’s Josey installing the trim pieces. Each piece he spaced two feet apart. Notice he is wearing his safety glasses. He installed the pieces using a nail gun. Safety first, guys.

IMG_3582 IMG_3583

These photos are of the destroyed kitchen. Destroyed yes, but also freshly painted 🙂
After the paint was finished and all the trim was installed, we decided to install the gorgeous new allen + roth light fixtures we bought from Lowe’s. See below!


Let me tell you about these fixtures. These photos don’t do them justice. They are really beautiful in person and add SO much to the kitchen. HOWEVER THEY WERE THE BIGGEST PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW WHAT TO INSTALL, OMG. When we opened the box, we discovered that the cords to each pendant were about six feet long. SIX FEET LONG. WTF. Our ceilings are only like, nine feet high! Why the hell would ANYONE buying lights at Lowe’s need six foot pendant lights for their kitchen?!? If we installed them that long, they would have been like, three feet from the floor. That’s dumb. But, hey, it’s okay! The box says the cords are “adjustable!” Perfect!

NO. WRONG. You know where all that extra cord has to go once you’ve adjusted it to the correct length? Up inside this thin, tiny,  little base that gets screwed to the ceiling. There was no way that we were going to fit all the extra cord lengths into that base, it was waaaaaay too small. So, poor Josey had to go back and rewire every one. I’m so glad he knows what he’s doing with that stuff, because I sure as hell don’t. Honestly, he did pretty much the entire kitchen, I painted and handed him stuff he needed. It was best that I stayed out of the way. 🙂

P.S. I also broke one of the glass shades for one of the pendants and one of them was broken in the box. But you can’t just go to Lowe’s and get replacements. Noooooo, that’d be too easy. You have to call this customer service line an explain why you needs new shades and then they have to ship them to you. So if you decide to purchase this light fixture for your own kitchen or dining room, now you know not to break any of the shades. 😀
Now that all that was over, we could install our lovely counters handmade by Josey himself!

He did such a good job with them, and he worked so hard on them! I think they’re beautiful and they really make the kitchen look so great. The following are photos of the counter install.

Here’s Josey unscrewing the counter from the cabinets after he took the sink out. See how nasty the old counter was? Bleh! Some of those spots would just not come off, no matter how hard I scrubbed. Now I never have to look at them again! 😀


Here’s Josey installing the new counter. We carried in each piece and installed them separately. There were four pieces total, two long pieces and two small pieces that were installed on either side of the stove. The only part I got to help with on this was helping carry the pieces inside from the garage. Like that part in Dirty Dancing where she’s all, “I carried a watermelon” only, “I carried a counter.”


He fits in small spaces! I don’t know how he got in there, but he fit!


I was REALLY nervous about cutting that hole for the sink. You can’t really mess that up, otherwise, the counter is ruined and the sink won’t fit. But of course, Josey knew what he was doing, and I learned that I should keep my trap shut and trust him when he says he knows what he’s doing.

After the counters were installed and the sink was put back, the tiling was next. I know it sounds like we did all this in like a day, but we did NOT. All of this was over the course of two and a half weeks. Tiling is a very messy, terrible thing. And it takes FOREVER. But, it’s worth it a million times over. Photos of tiling:

IMG_3592 IMG_3674

Instead of using mortar, we used this adhesive paper stuff that this guy at Lowe’s says “everyone is using.” Bull. That adhesive stuff is SO sticky, once the tile is stuck on it, there’s no getting it off. Which means that there is no room for error because you can’t really go back and adjust the position of the tile if you need too. We learned that the hard way. Ha. Tiling the backsplash took a good three days total, just because we had to cut around all the outlets and we have a lot of those. Once all the tile was finally laid, we could grout.

IMG_3725 IMG_3722

SO MESSY. We let the grout dry for 15 minutes then washed it off, then let it sit for another hour and washed the tile again. We did this at like midnight. I don’t know why we did that. I think we were just so tired of the project we just wanted to get it done and if that meant tiling at midnight then we didn’t care.


The crockpot is cooking our dinner. It’s not usually just sitting out like that 🙂

Isn’t it so much better than before?! I think so. Josey thinks so too. Here’s a before and after:



Here’s the dining area which you pretty much already saw when I was talking about the light fixtures, but whatev.


Ha, don’t mind the dying plant in the corner, I just saw that. That thing died like a week later. Like, turned-to-ash died. Oops.


IMG_3601   AFTER

There’s some stuff that I probably should have cropped out for “having better photos” sake in some of these (like my dogs and that cooler and vacuum) but I didn’t feel like taking the time to do that. I was too tired from renovating the kitchen. Ha, just kidding, I’m just too lazy.

This project was the biggest DIY we’ve tried so far. While it was a ton of work and we got in a TON of arguments about dumb stuff through the project, it was well worth it. Our budget was $1,000. Not bad for a thousand bucks, right? We learned a lot too, not just about tiling, and counters, and stuff, but we learned a lot about each other. In a good way!

We are glad to have it finished. And now we can cook dinner and not have to step over paint cans and screwdrivers!

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1 (Insert Jurassic Park music)

WE FINALLY REMODELED OUR KITCHEN. GASP! When we bought our house just about three years ago, one of the first thoughts I had was “These counters are so freakin’ ugly.” As well as, “Yay! We bought a house!” But yeah, those counters were awful. They were the laminate kind, which honestly I didn’t really care about. What bothered me about them was that they were this gross puky pink beige color and there were some stains on them that were just not coming off. Ew. Like that one Jimmy Fallon skit on SNL when he’s a girl and always says, “EW!” That’s what our kitchen counters looked like. So we finally decided to change them and redo the whole kitchen while we were at it. AND we did it ALL OURSELVES. For some people this is no big thing, I know there’s plenty of DIY folks that love DIY-ing everything, all the time. And I can appreciate DIY-ing. I like that it saves a crap ton of money. I like the satisfaction of doing it ourselves. I like all that. But let me tell you something about my husband and I. We basically go through several stages of emotion during the DIY process. See below.

Fig. 1- The “Excitement” Stage.
At first we are all like, “Woohoo! We’re doing this! This is awesome! This is saving so much money! This is great! This is going to look so amazing when it;s finished! This will only take a couple weekends!” This stage usually lasts for about 10-15 minutes,

Fig. 2- The “Regret” Stage.

After the excitement wears off in 10-15 minutes, we begin to feel regret for beginning such a huge, tedious task with no experience. Usually this stage is mixed with sadness, anger, disappointment, depression, irritability, hunger, sense of loss…..all of the above. This stage will usually last for the remainder of the project until it is finished.

Fig. 3- The “Second Wave of Excitement (and relief)” Stage.
This is our sense of accomplishment, excitement, and overall relief that the project is finally finished. This stage lasts for quite awhile and resurfaces every time someone says, “Hey! That ____ looks awesome!” And we can then say, “Yeah? We did it OURSELVES.”

So this is how the entire month of August was. Stages 1-3. All month. BUT OUR KITCHEN LOOKS INCREDIBLE. Well, WE think so anyway and I really don’t care if no one else does because they don’t live at my house and cook in my kitchen. I do. So whatev.

Now I need to backtrack and show you the mood board I made prior to starting the project. See below.

IMG_3509(Click on the image to see it larger).

We basically wanted something clean with kind of a homey, cottage feel. But with some modern finishes too. White cabinets, board and battan, trim on cabinets, hardware, new light fixtures, subway tile backsplash, and the most important part….new countertops! And Josey agreed to build the countertops himself out of wood! We were super excited to remodel our kitchen and add some more value to our home. So we got started right away. Below are some photos of our kitchen before.

IMG_0131IMG_0132 IMG_0130It’s not terrible. Just very builder-grade and boring. Well, the counters were pretty terrible. But the rest wasn’t so bad.
We went to Lowe’s one night after work and bought everything we needed to begin the project. We picked out each board to use for the counters, along with the stain and polyurethane, picked out all the tile for the backsplash, all the tools we would need. Everything. Our budget for this project was $1000.

The first thing we started on was painting the cabinets. 6 coats (3 primer, 3 semigloss) of paint later, the cabinets were finally finished. That took about 2 weeks total to do since we both work during the day and only had a limited amount of time to work on it at night. Also, Josey was working on the countertops while I painted. He had to assemble, sand, stain, and apply polyurethane. There are 4 countertops total.

We didn’t have a paint stick so we used one of Josey’s arrows. Ha.

Here’s Bailey being obnoxiously adorable and distracting. She kept bringing me her ball and dropping it in my lap while I

Hey! That’s me painting in my pajamas!

So that was part 1. I’ll post part 2 in a day or two…..or whenever I get to it. We are 97% finished at this point, I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys!


It’s been a while

No, I’m not taking about that one Staind song. It really has been A WHILE since I wrote a blog post. Like….two years. I’m currently re-doing this blog. I’m leaning more towards a portfolio/blog/AWESOME blog. If that makes sense. I might post some recent art and design work, and I might post about remodeling our kitchen, and I might post about inspiring stuff, and I might post about future endeavors or traveling. I might post about my adorable dogs. Who knows. But I know one thing, I want to be CONSISTENT. I know. ME? Consistent? PSH. Curse you limited attention span. But for real this time, I’m going to be. One post per week. I’m holding myself to it. And if I don’t post once a week, I have to do something gross, like…drink toilet water or something. Ew, no. Never mind. I will post once a week though. I know this post kind of sucks….like the name of this blog! But stay tuned for better crap to be posted next week. Hopefully by then I will have some content. Just kidding, just kidding, I will!